Biomedical toolkits for advanced organoid engineering

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제  목 : Biomedical toolkits for advanced organoid engineering 

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일  시 : 2023년 12월 7일(목) 오후 4시 30분


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Biomedical toolkits for advanced organoid engineering


Seung-Woo Cho

Department of Biotechnology, Yonsei University


Organoids have been highlighted for regenerative medicine, precision medicine, disease modeling, and drug discovery. However, current organoid culture methods have several limitations due to a lack of tissue-specific microenvironments and well-controlled dynamic culture systems, leading to immature structural and phenotypic characters and limited functionality. Therefore, we develop functional hydrogels and microfluidics for improving organoid development and functions. Combination of tissue-mimetic hydrogels and microfluidic devices with dynamic flow can successfully recapitulate in vivo-like microenvironments favorable for organoids derived from stem cells, resulting in structural and functional maturation of several types of tissue organoids including brain, intestine, heart, and liver. Accordingly, the organoids generated with our engineering platforms exhibit improved metabolic activity and drug responses which are critical for the performance of drug testing platforms. They also show enhanced regenerative efficacy upon transplantation into injured tissues. The biomedical toolkits reported herein would be able to facilitate the development of highly effective organoid platforms for tissue engineering, disease modeling, and drug discovery.

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