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일  시 : 2024년 5월 2일(목) 오후 4시 30분

장  소 : 화학관 2층 330226호

연  사 : 최상일 교수(경북대학교 화학과)

제  목 : From Bulk to Nanosurfaces: The Cases of Electrocatalysts towards Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Media


From Bulk to Nanosurfaces: The Cases of Electrocatalysts towards Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Media


Sang-Il Choi, Ph.D.


Department of Chemistry and Green-Nano Materials Research Center

Kyungpook National University, Daegu 41566, Republic of Korea


Surface chemistry has been established from fundamental to practical research, especially catalysis, by utilizing bulk surfaces. Since catalysis occurs at the interface between molecules and molecules or between atoms, it is necessary to look at the actual catalysis environment. In addition, the demand for practical application is rapidly increasing, bulk surfaces must be scaled down to nanosurfaces to understand the parameters operating in real catalysis situation. Therefore, researchers have developed advanced nanocatalysts to understand nanosurface chemistry. Shape-controlled nanocrystals have been prepared for facet-dependent catalysis, and alloyed or bifunctional particles have been extensively investigated for enhancement of catalytic performances. In this presentation, PdH@Pt core-shell and RuC nanosurfaces are introduced to understand alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). On the nanosurface of the PdH@Pt core-shell catalyst, the correlation between the tendency of the electrochemical HER dependent on the ligand and the strain effects is discussed. The RuC nanosurface presents improved HER activity by presenting a bifunctional catalyst containing active sites to simultaneously promote water dissociation and hydrogen generation.